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    Not bad, I feel like there is a lot of brown/beige/salmon colours in here though.It looks a bit monotone. Maybe also add some brick pieces in the buildings to break up their facades a bit.

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    Very nice vibe here. It does seem a little strange to have each shade of green trees separated on either side. Like the boys and the girls at a grade school dance. If you mixed colors and shrub/tree types that would make a big difference. The same with the shrubs on the overhang and green flowers . Green flowers with a few hints of yellow or pink could really brighten things up without being too overwhelming. 


    You've done an excellent job varying wall textures to reduce monotony, but it seems that the roofs missed the same attention. Change up the objects, perhaps throwing in the same object but with different colored roof tiles. That may help a bit too.  

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    It's simple in places that don't require much and detailed enough in those that do. It results in some walls being a bit bare, but I can live with that as they don't hold back the overall picture.

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    this is fucking AMAZING. you could spice a few things up here and there but the textures and colors are absolutely PERFECT 

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    Parkdat the Spanish roof trip and replace the standard ones, it will look a lot cleaner.  I think its in Dr Dirt bench he posted a little while ago among other things.


    Rest looks nice, good composition.

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    It's a nice looking screen. My only gripe would be that vineyards are out in the open for a purpose, they aren't usually shaded by buildings. The more sun, the better the grape. But if you're going for atmosphere then it doesn't matter.

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    Recurious - I'll take a look and see what I can do!

    disneylandian192 - I'll look into some reds and some darker browns for the roof. We'll see

    nin - Thank you, the subdued was the goal here.

    Shotguns? - Thank you!

    G Force - Amazingly, I don't have anything I can switch out for it, which could really screw me over soon... I'll see what I can do.

    bigshootergill - The atmosphere is what I'm going for. In reality, they would probably only be decorative.


    Sad news actually... When shutting down my desktop after posting this, all seemed fine. However, it now isn't waking back up. Luckily, I had just saved everything onto a flash drive earlier today, so I haven't lost much. However, unless I can get 8cars working on my Macbook, it looks like I need to find a different RCT2 solution.


    Thank you for your thoughts and kind words... now I see what I can do from here. It looks like this hiatus is now even more forced.

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    Pretty much perfect, imo.

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    Great stuff, I love what you've done with the slide. I agree with disneylandian on the foliage, and I think all the roofs are lacking are chimneys. They'll break up the sea of peach coloured tiles, and add sufficient chaos and detail.
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    Like this very much. Good job!

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    Listen to Liam. Chimneys would do wonders.

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    The ambiguous line with the path in the corner of the pool is making me crazy but besides that this is outstanding.

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