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    Nice work Tim.  I really like the blue and brown building, the signs and shops at the bottom really add a lot.


    I do think you could do a bit better job of breaking up the grey and black textures though, but that's a small thing really.

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    Really nice. Great architecture. The colours are quite bright for a NY theme, but you made them work well here. My only real complaint are the trees. I can't really see what's going on there, but besides that, those objects are ugly and feel really out of place in this cityscape.

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    I love that tan building, it's so detailed and yet so clean. Great work. 

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    Awesome to see you've added some context to this design! Great archy, would like to see something done with the pathwork though - maybe making it into roads?

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    I'm not sure how NY this looks. It looks great, really fun, but not very NY. 


    Maybe a sidewalk would do wonders in a lighter colour than the road.

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    Too clean looking to be NYC

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    Great architecture. I love the mixed textures on that light blue building.

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    This really encapsulates when places try to make their area "NYC" themed and it makes me want to die. I love it!

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    To all the "not real New York" haters: each of these buildings was based on a real building that i frequented during my 4 years there. Granted, they're all in Brooklyn, so calling it a Brooklyn theme may have been more accurate, but we don't have a Brooklyn tag that I'm aware of.


    @Stoksy, roadlines and sidewalks may have made it look nice within this particular screen, but I think it would have competed too much with some other stuff on the map, so leaving it clear made more sense.


    @Sulakke, I placed the trees before the buildings and never bothered to change them once the theme settled in. Maybe they'll make more sense in context.

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    I can see this being Brooklyn (lived there almost 10 years). I really like the more gritty feel to the buildings. The only thing I can think of is maybe the blue building could be a different shade/ texture? I'm bad at this stuff so I don't know lol. I would love to see this as a theme park setting though, it's so different.
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    I think what it needs is alleyways between buildings, they're all kinds forming a big block which isn't necessarily inaccurate but perhaps gaps might make it more interesting.
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    I'm quite excited for this design!

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    This is good stuff! The awnings and 'on the town' cantilever is a great representation  

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