Screenshot / #fbf: Innovation Work (2005)


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    Imagine the lag on this with Open.


    Pretty cool work, I certainly am intrigued to look this one up.

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    Best park entrance ever. Period. 

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    I love when things like this that stood out to me back in the day are brought up. Good times. :)

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    the contrast between all the mechanical stuff and the nature around is really powerful! never seen this before, thanks fbf

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    Oof owie ow my animation limit
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    Whoa, don't think I've ever seen this before. Need to check it out.
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    This really is one of the great entrances of the game. Very underrated, even. This was by DarkJanus I believe, no? Has his eye for landscaping.
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    Yeah, DJ made the entry.


    Nice to see this make fbf, it was 1/4 of a 4 map project that never got finished. I did the area all around the entry. The dueling mine trains are the most statistically sound possible. Exact same time and length and they were not in any way a mirrored layout.  

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    this entrance is so cool and different, and then the rest of the park is so... not. I didn't really get what it was going for

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    If only the foliage was handled with the same kind of care as the gears.
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    I honestly think the foliage is awesome, actually.
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    Oof owie ow my animation limit

    I hereby submit my vote for Quote of the Year

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