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    ....but then everything changed, when the fire nation attacked!



    I remember you telling me this crashed, ruining attendance and income for this park?


    Still a fantastic piece of work to recreate this in RCT, love the realism and grittiness of this.

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    Superb. The structure is really excellent. I love the station too.

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    Really clever how you've done the lift and drop.


    Is that air-powered track just a straight-up merge, or is it dummy track?

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    This has to be the best togo twister on this site. Love the worn look of it.

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    Such an incredible execution of this ride type!

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    Love the track detailing on the coaster.

    Still amazing your one of the best realistic players in the game and one of the founders of the style.

    Anything you can about the glitching of the track on the top? As in messing with the order of objects etc?
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    This... My God! I so want this Download, right now!
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    The coaster looks sublime but more than anything else I love that station.

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    Fantastic stuff, and you got the condor working? I haven't seen that yet.
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    Absolutely fantastic.


    What is that pillar object that you used for the coaster station?

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    love ya

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    Super clean execution! Love the signage work!

    Only thing that disturbs is the diagonal inclined path. Don't you have another object with more (i.e. Some) texture?
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    This is probably my fav screen of this fiesta. The amount of detail in it is amazing, look at that dirt on top of the roof! 

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    Station is stealing the show for me too, and the details in general. Those vending machines rock!

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    The coaster is the star but the other flats and the little vending machines are great if not a little easily overlooked. 


    If I were to nitpick,  the custom lamps seem a touch tall and a different bush other than the jungle might look better stacked.  You can't really see individual leaves in any of the other foliage so it's jarring.  The scrubbier bushes might be better.

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    Thanks all for the comments!  Really happy you all like it.  To address a few points:


    @Jappy- Thankfully this one doesn't crash, but the Sky Ride had a major breakdown leaving guests stranded for hours.  This, among other things, led to the downward trend for the park.


    @Luketh- It's pretty much dummy track.  Using vertical drop mostly.  


    @Airtime- Yes, I'll have to play around with the order of objects and see if I can help that glitching.


    @Coaster Geoff-- Hopefully by the end of the year if I can keep on it!


    @JJayMForce- Yes, I have done this in a number of parks.  Here is a link to the tutorial I made so you can do it yourself:


    @Recurious- It's the argonath 80 pillar corner.  It's 2 color vertical striped, but I like the look in the single white.  Feels a little thicker than most poles and the texture looks like concrete.


    @Tolsimir- I don't have a better texture for that, but I'd be interested to find one.  I don't particularly like it either.  


    @Milo- Those lamps were a G-Force custom piece, but I may consider making my own that's a little shorter if I have the objects to do it.  Good thoughts on the plants too, though I'm not sure I'm up for replacing the several thousand of this bush I have everywhere on the map haha.  But I'll take a consideration of it all.


    Thank you all again for the notes-- really appreciate it!

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    a nice ultra twister this park was a stair fiasco


    I think later you need new ctr like this



    the horror ride :D


    Do you build this desaster park as an better version that the real one that exist? or is this a replica

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