Screenshot / #fbf: Busch Gardens San Simeon (2005)


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    So fucking pretty. And it's a really well laid out area too. Comprehensible and realistic path layout, yet every single tile is covered in content. It's an achievement to cover so much ground in such a natural way.

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    I like the layout and the landscaping, don't like the 2x2 much - never been a huge fan of that many 2x2.  Some yes, trackitechture...fine.  I will need to look at the park again cos it's been since 2005 I fired it up.

    But this many 2x2?  No.


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    this park has always been too dense for me.

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    ^I think 2x2 in close clusters will give off that overly dense/claustrophobic vibe.  I still need to fire it up again, but I can see what you mean from this screen.

    Interesting that this screen, at a mere quarter turn from the aerial on site, takes the 2x2 that had some space and openness from that angle and it feels squished this way.  The brown on brown and some red doesn't help.

    From the aerial, I will probably prefer the bottom middle and the yellow, but that's a guess.  I am struggling to remember all of this park.

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    Yeah the 2x2 here makes everything seem uniform. Queue is lovely though. Love me some LL queues

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