Screenshot / Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf


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    Forgot to change spire color. 0%

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    Those new buildings and planters are much better, nice job.

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    I kinda wanted to recreate this at one point. Looks nice.

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    I really am liking your interpretations of Busch Weeds Williamsburg

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    I am loving this so much. Since BGW is my home park and Big Bad Wolf was my favourite roller coaster there, I can say that I am particularly excited for this. 


    My only gripe would be that the track colour is too dark. Keep it up!

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    Thanks guys.
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    does this ride end at the map edge? literal hate

  • Scoop%s's Photo
    It does on this map because this ride isn’t the focus.
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    Good ! Not a fan of the long grey roof though. 

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    Fuck I forgot how much I miss this ride

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    I am surprised ho many people have wanted to recreate this. I love this ride and was seriously thinking about recreating it. One thing that always held me back is that I never liked suspended swinging coaster supports in rct2, ive always thought they looked ugly. One thing about the track though, is that the color looks too dark, I would use the default red.

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    Huge improvement my guy, remember when we had that discussion about reaching this level of detail for this game? This inspires me to come back to building =p

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    agree with sammy, like, it looks really bad and lazy.

  • Scoop%s's Photo

    it would be lazier if I didn't put it in.

  • BlazingEmpireHD%s's Photo

    Like I said before, I love this work, but it really really disappoints me that this won't be fully part of your design. (even though I know the focus is on Drachen Fire, haphazardly slapping half of Big Bad Wolf in this is a sin to any fan of the ride, such as me).


    I am still excited for this design though. Even though I never was able to ride Drachen Fire, this is still my home park which I love, so I am a little bit extra excited for this one, than every other design/park. Keep 'er up!

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    Drachen fire is a terrible ride, I would focus on big bad wolf instead.

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    you don't know the premise of this do you?

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    Drachen fire is a terrible ride, I would focus on big bad wolf instead.


    He's not even making the actual Drachen Fire. 

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    Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous
    Break up that monotonous roof though

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