Screenshot / Bandit (GCI 2007)


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    Best screen I've seen from you, good job! However, I don't think there is any need for the trackitecture roof on the station. 

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    I agree with Faas. The trackitecture isn't needed and to me, kind of detracts a small bit from the beauty therein.

    Keep it up, though. Definitely have some nice work here!
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    this is great! the barrier you need to overcome most of all is the fact you have massive wide paths that are really straight and are really boring.


    and by that, i don't mean add planters or anything. go and download the highest rated parks on the site and ask yourself what is different about the way you decide to construct your paths. as soon as you tackle that, your work will catapult in quality

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    I like almost everyhing i see MCI! Giving your path a more organic flow would work wonders for you.

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    Nice tangle of track.

    As others mentioned, the path layout here isn't very interesting, a straight line with only one side interesting. I like the seating area but I think the coaster queue entrance and the restaurant should be separated. Coaster entrances should be celebrated, not hidden on the side!

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