Screenshot / Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril


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    Wow !

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    "we the cause of all the commotion, your mouth running but where is you going? what is you smoking man? that aint potent, what is you talking man? that aint important"

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    This is the best interpretation I've seen.

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    I love how rickety the coaster supports seem.

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    that is justmindblowingly good, are you recreating this or interpretating this, if it's the latter, a waterfall always seemed missing to me in the original

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    shit, I've been planning to start theming my version of this in Disneyearth, and its not gonna look nearly as neat as that :(

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    Holy shit! I just came

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    Really great detailing here, everything looks like it's where it needs to be without looking too cluttered. I agree this is probably the best recreation of this that we'll ever see. I want to see more!

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    good job
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    Well this is awesome. Can't wait to see that screen finished, foliage around that will make it pop 

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    The screen is perfect. You managed it to built a highly detailed screen with an amazing atmosphere. I am impressed.

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    I just can't get over how ace this is! The way the temple steps begin to weather and create great a tunnel for that turn in the back. Also the support work is just beast mode. We need to work together Oliver, you crafty fuck.

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    Damn you, I want to put this into my park but now it will feel terrible. Definitely brilliant. You've captured honestly everything good about the actual ride. 

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    The aim of this game was to create theming, potentially Disney theming but if it falls short, oh well. I wanted to use textures and little details. This is mainly because constant Thorpe surroundings and foliage can get boring after long stretches.


    The diagonal supports are really starting to take my head for a shit, especially with all the corner poles blending into each other practically. Mind fuck much?


    Sorry Cocoa, and I guess Turtle but I didn't know you were doing a similar coaster. The Disney Earth overview really made me want to do an Indy coaster. Ignore this, it probably won't get finished or it might, I want to see your's finished since you do theming well.


    Thanks for awesome words guys. Some great commets from some big players.

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    honestly for a small coaster like this, I can see a great accolade going for it, the theming just makes it immense on it's own, I mean I'm truly impressed with this!

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