Screenshot / Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril Screen 2


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    I don't like most of those custom trees, but the rest is amazing!

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    I don't think the trees look that bad, and I feel like I'm usually one of the first to complain about bad objects. 

    This screen is amazing. I actually want to go ride this.

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    This is pure sex. I think the trees look great. Packing them together tight with other trees makes up for their weird graphics. 

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    Your best work by far. Puts all of us to shame!

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    I forced him to use those ugly trees and it's totally paid off.

    Great work <3
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    Looks nice.

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    Ugly trees ftw.

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    Someone's looking to steal the crown from Pacificoaster.

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    um, wow, that's incredible. and leave the trees, they're awesome.
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    Literally perfect.
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    Damnn, That's good

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    Okay, you win RCT. We can all stop playing now...

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    Un. Real. The foliage makes the screen.

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    Yes, perfect. How true to the Paris version is this? Looks quite similar.. Walking up the queue and seeing the loop roar round was really exciting. 

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    ^The layout is as close as you can get without it looking absolutely awful. And buildings and the queue etc are where they are in reality, they just look different.


    It's like Thorpe, it's incredibly realistic, you instantly know what it is, and it is extremely close to the real thing, but Airtime has put his own touch on it.

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    tom ford
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    I was trying use more ugly trees but I was stepping out of my comfort zone too much.


    Turtle, it's very similar to the Paris version, only real differences are the queue doesn't go over the transfer track to the other side of the station due to the coaster's layout. The exit is where the queue would be in real life and comes over bridge shown in the screen. The gift shop is also different.


    Thanks for the awesome comments everyone. Really appreciate it.

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    seriously man,is this in a park or something like an area like adventureland because this is seriously mindblowing

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