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    comment below
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    Wow, sg

    Maybe I'd make the path only two wide across the restrooms building between China Express and the funnel cake shop. Relative to the seating areas the path there is much narrower.

    Rest is great though, can't wait to see more.
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    Great stuff merzbow. Love some of the little details throughout the screen. Top of the screens textures are a bit messy, but this is definitely an LL project to be excited for. 

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    this would cream russel's crop


    nice work- I wish that sand to grass transition could be less jagged somehow tho

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    One might say it russel’s his jimmy
  • csw%s's Photo

    I agree with Cocoa, also clean up the supports and you've got a winner

  • saxman1089%s's Photo

    This is wonderful. Totally giving me a different vibe than I normally get from LL, which is a good thing!

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    Wow, this is great.  Really love the level of detail.  


    Looking forward to seeing this completed.

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    Very cool! And incredibly detailed for LL. But it doesn't give me a particular frontier vibe tbh. 

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    So good to see this project isn't discontinued. You make plazas and shops look detailed but minimalistic. I love it. I'm also very interested in how you will support that first turn, as every attempt I made failed. Keep it going, you're improving!

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    backstage stuff on the top and bottom and the supports are unfinished, everything will eventually be cleaner and more polished

    thanks for the comments everyone i appreciate the feedback!
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    I liked the colors of the roller coaster

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