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    Regarding the screen brightness, only on my computer is it this bright. Others who have used/viewed parks using the english palate can attest to this. It will look "normal" on your computer. 

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    Very nice looking area. The tree with the brown leaves at the bottom is perfect there. In the top left I think you need to put those Steve trees in a pot or tiny planter something, they appear to be floating on the path.

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    This is nicer. The colours are still bland and all desaturated, but I get some park layout skills from you here and ride exposure, some design for the sides of main paths, the openings for the trees, etc. They are all great.
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    without words, incredible :)
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    It's a real skill when you can implement rides and so and make it look so real and natural. Yet again, I could easily see myself wandering around there like it is a picture of a real park. The curved American flag is a neat detail!


    I do agree with Liam that those trees at the top need a planter. 

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    Truly great work, everything is really solid. I agree with needing the planters for those lone trees at the top. I think you could do with better colors for the drop towers as well, I think they kinda stick out like a sore thumb here.

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    I like the way you made the flag wall by the queue.


    Also I find the choice of train to be quite interesting.

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    Can 't those trees be made into an object with a tiny strip of mulch around the base? Would solve the floating and makes sure no extra object is needed for a planter.
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    Fantastic work Shogo.

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    i love where the railroad passes under the red coaster

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