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    I don't understand why your screenshot is so bright. Your computer's screen settings shouldn't affect the colours of RCT? In any screenshot from any other member, the brightness is identical, except for in yours. In places it makes it hard to see what's going on, and these facades are quite messy anyway, messier than most other stuff in the park as far as I've seen. On a positive note I appreciate the assymetry in the brick building next to the pink one.

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    Possibly a palette fuck-up?

    I must honestly say the screen leaves me quite cold. It's recreationalist-perfect, but that's about it. It looks like a very pretty and accurate but otherwise dead model of something. I can't get into this.

    I'd be so much more interested in you creating something from your own imagination, some more personal design choices, less minutely detailed CSO and some abstraction, etc. The way it is now, it's quite hard for your taste to go into this and show.
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    I'm going to do similar your buildings in my park, very cool, nice details
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    I really like it, could see me wandering around there.

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    those pink and blue buildings are so cute, i love the colors

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