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    Now thats real wrestling

    Save a bunch of slots by getting rid of those ruins dotted around. Plain grass used well is super vibey
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    Awesome screen. Very excited for this
  • MK98%s's Photo

    This is so good.

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    Classic coasterbill checkerboards
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    Sweet minetrain! The turn past the log flume is great. I also like the boathouse.


    But the checkerboard roof on the left doesn't look that nice imo. The second colour from the left on the top roof just doesn't look good on that roof texture because all the details go away. So I would probably change that.

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    Great vertical layering of rides. Not sure about the long section of boring log flume track.
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    Nah, the log flume is great as is. Get rid of the ruins as Cocoa suggested, there needs to be some places to breathe.
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    nice interactions of rides!

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    I don't like how all those small rocks in the top right are all pointing to the same direction. The rest is great. The boathouse is fantastic.

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    This is approaching kumba levels of Brown Is A Theme, but I'm very excited to check out that minetrain, the shuttle loop - every attraction here looks very compelling.

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    Looking absolutely brilliant Bill! This is a sure Spotlight, just by dedication and innovation alone.

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    Coasterbill how close are you to finishing this park.

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