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    Huge accomplishment, I feel like it warrants its own accolade tier. I was thinking 'orange'.
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    Congratulations! This is gonna pollute my large object folder though :p

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    Very excited to finally see this in game! Congratulations on finishing this park!!
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    yes bill

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    WOO HOO I have been following this since you first started posting screens can't wait to see this in game.

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    This project is new to me, but the screens look impressive.
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    Wow, after like 2 years of seeing this project in many states its amazing to see it finished.

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    Fuck yeah
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    Finally OpenRCT can release the new format without object data limit :p  Congrats Bill, a huge task you completed here. You deserve a medal for courage and self sacrifice! 

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    Wow, congrats Bill! So impressive! I certainly hope this monster gets the attention it deserves!

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    So looking forward to this...
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    Thanks guys!


    Emerald Pointe has been unleashed on the world (and on your object folders.... sorry about that).


    Please go check it out and leave a comment and let me know what you think. I really hope everyone has as much fun viewing it as I had building it!



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