Screenshot / Anzu, Harsiesis and the Flying Machine of Abydos


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    I liked the roller coaster in blue and yellow, was nice
    the path harmonized with objects around
    foliagen seems to me well balanced, good colors
    anxious to see more :)
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    I’m really happy about this screen. Mostly because I like the naming and how well that translates into a fun bit of RCT. This really shows the charm and love put into the project, if this makes sense. Also I like the apparent Raptor inspiration here.

    Also, I think I realized how your work is actually highly detailed but doesn’t read that way. It’s the gestures - which is something I’ve been thinking a lot about recently as a concept in RCT. I think you might actually be missing some of the key gestures in your building, and then fighting an uphill battle detailing an area without the proper movements in the design underneath. For example the architecture in this park; If we strip down the extra objects on the walls and the extra umph added to make the roofs look more interesting, we’re left with something that doesn’t quite have the character you’re looking for. It’s weird I enjoy this screen so much, as I think you’ve put great quality work on top of a less than stellar framework.
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    Wow, the atmosphere around the tower and the theming is absoluty great :)

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    Thanks guys!

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    This stuff is pretty cool. Especially the parachute ride looks sick.


    I do think the path and also the area under the lift hill of the invert look a bit empty, but I know you are struggling with the object limit so I don't think it's really fixable.

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    Everything is fixable if you're truly insane... are you talking about this area with the path? It sort of annoys me but I also feel like sometimes I need to be more open to the idea of negative space so I'm still trying to find that balance in a few areas.


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    Yea that area and also to the left for example (although the area to the left might just be because of the cut-off). Just feels a bit empty, if you can I would maybe add like a couple lightposts or trashcans or something although I must admit that I like to fill my paths with a bunch of crap just for the sake of it so take my advice with a grain of sand. It might also already look better with more guests in the park.

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