Screenshot / Park Entrance Road


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    comment below
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    No wonder you constantly hit the object limit if those quarter block buildings were built this way from the get go

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    love this

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    Dude, fix the damn diagonal dashed road lines. It kills me.


    Everything else looks good though.

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    Looks great, I echo Saxman's sentiment though.

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    Too much foliage and underbrush.

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    You're gonna honestly have to redo the foliage in the entire park anyway, so I wouldn't add any to show for screens if I were you.


    Please do not checkerboard that shit.

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    The signs actually work, that's wonderful.

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    Thanks guys!


    I'll probably correct that diagonal line thing, but it's going to require pulling a SS slot out of thin air which should be interesting.


    As for the foliage, there are a few older areas where I plan to re-do it but the foliage that's here isn't just here for a screen and I don't plan on it being a major issue. What's funny is that I actually just did the entire entrance road this past week and that area is a lot more foliage-heavy than the rest of it so it's a little misleading. There are also some foliage objects here. Just assume nothing is as it seems with this park.


    Oh and V1, the entire hyper transfer shed is 2 objects. It took a lot of work to get the object editor to let me do that without a range check error or glitching so I'm pretty proud of how that one turned out. lol

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    Those signs, those signs seriously make this screen so much better. This almost looks real! Like, a real park ported into RCT. This is my next "most anticipated" park. Keep up the good work, and finish it!
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    Is that a custom supported RMC in the top left?
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    "Pointe" because its fancier and French that way

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    I love it and wouldn't change a single thing.

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    I love how you've used the in-game burger bar in that custom sign!

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    Sucks that this is open rct2 because open rct2 wont work on my computer or laptop! :(

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    Thanks guys!


    historyfreak why won't it work? What error message are you getting (if any)? Maybe we can help you out.

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    How long until this is finished.

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    Hopefully it'll be done this year.

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    It wont open or launch or run! Also you said a while back that this would also be regular rct2!

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    Alright, sue me. lol

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