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    Stupendous work.  Just enough variation on the shantytown bits to not feel repetitive.  

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    i only suggest on a compositional level, figuring out something to do with the brown space to the left of the main gate, it leaves the side of the building hanging there in an awkward way


    (obvs the rest is great)

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    brown IS a theme and AVC has proven it works

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    I like this a lot! Looks very gloomy. I feel like being in Act 3 of Diablo 2 :D Very cool work.

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    I disagree that there's too much brown, this is great. 

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    @Daoniyella I was a huge D2 player during high school, Kurast is an amazing setting! Mixed with trailer stacks from Ready Player One = Moonglow, I guess.
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    Theres a good amount of awesomeness in this screen. Great trackitecture and the railings give this screen a cool vibe.

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    Absolutely fantastic work!

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    I love the architecture and that mine train track used as a queue for the pendulum ride.


    However I do think that the path and the area beneath the pendulum ride is very empty and bland. I would like to see additional details like for example lanterns or something, right now it just seems so empty to me.

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    So good

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    Interesting color hierarchy with the brown tying everything together. Also love the path used as negetive space to highlight and draw the eye to the positive space.
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    The proportions on the swinger feel slightly off, idk if thats something you can really change though.  Maybe the only thing I'd change for sure is removing the suspension element on the swinger, it just looks weird if the ride is in motion.  When first opening the screenshot I was thinking "where is the ride vehicle?", took me a second to find it.


    Rest is fantastic though, really creative archy and atmosphere.  Almost like an old school LL park that was elevated into RCT2 and expanded upon.  Really cool stuff.

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    Very good work. Reminds me of the awe I used to feel for really good screens you would only see on NE back in the day.

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    Wow thanks for all the responses, I’m glad people are liking this area.

    @G_Force thanks for the suggestions, I’ll play around with the proportions. It could be that it’s too tall, it may be helpful if i copy your version from southwinds....
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    wow amazing :)
    Nice Work
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    Brilliant, really unique and fresh.

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