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    comment below
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    complex architecture beautiful work
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    Nice zoom kid.

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    This is hardcore.

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    wow I love this! so amazing!

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    No cows and shit on pavement? Not realistic.

    Im kidding. Very nice :)
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    I love it
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    can we get a proper resolution version?

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    Stop wasting your talent on RCT

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    Amazing, just amazing... I just hope it doesn't glitch for users not able to use OpenGL ;)   Also, I love the round palm tree planters but it seems it glitches with the tree?! 

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    Wow this is really awesome!
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    This looks absolutely greate! Only complaint are the ground textures on the different floors all being the same, makes it a little hard to differ between them. Color choice is great and the whole building just looks extremely believable

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    It looks very specific.

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    I suck
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    Never knew how similar Indonesia and Poland's flags are.

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    Stop wasting your talent on RCT

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    too much zoom for my liking, i love the deflated one though

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    Insanely good Shogo!
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    Stop wasting your talent on RCT


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