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    Wow looks awesome!

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    Wow, that thing is enormous. Awesome indeed. I hope you can do something with the ground, just plain woodie supports on empty grass doesn't look good. I'd say add footers or something, but that's a ton of work and it doesn't fix all your problems. Either way, curse you for using the name 'Spellbound'. That name was on my list of cool names I'd like to use in the future. Well, it's not on the list anymore I guess.
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    This is awesome! The Drop-Tower insinde the turn is great. The Coaster itsself looks also good and the overall atmosphere is nice :) I agree with Liampie with the ground textures.

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    Wonderful work. Very charming. Curious to see more!

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    This looks impressive and massive, can't wait to see it in full.

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    Good details and colors I liked it
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    This looks very you.

    @Liam, you could still use Spellbound for a coaster, since it's the swing here.

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    Cool screen, love the coaster element and how it towers over everything. Archy is fun too.

    Sorta agree with Liam that you could maybe do something with the land texture and even add footers under the supports.
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    this kinda looks very much like what I'm doing with my park and I gotta say I really love the style you achieved with this!

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