Screenshot / Entrance Kingdom of the Moon and Stars


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    Breathtakingly beautiful. You really have a Studio Ghibli esque eye for natural atmosphere in rct!

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    Fantastic love this screen cant wait to see more.

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    Wow, the warmer side of recreationalism. Very nice garden work, too. Smells like a breakthrough release for you.

  • Liampie%s's Photo

    I love the floating crap in the fountain. Please do make sure the path you use isn't from the expansions.

  • Jaguar%s's Photo

    This is great... I love all the little details like the paintings(?) on the walls and the circular 'stars' at the entrance.


    The foliage is also great and isn't too dense and the purple/bronze color combo is a nice one that's pretty neglected.

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    thats pretty awesome. The only awkward bit is the sculputre/tower over the path on the left- the middle is so tall and the sides so short that all I see is a gilded dick- if you copied again the version from the other side I think it would all flow a bit better

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    Wow, love this.  Only thing I don't is the stairs leading up to the entrance, perhaps it could be a bit more grand and mannered.  This project is really shaping up well.

  • MrTycoonCoaster%s's Photo
    Jene gee! this is beautiful :)
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    I agree with G_Force.. the entrance stairs could be more ornate or something. Great stuff here... love the ornate style.

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    This is wonderful. You’re someone I’m keeping a close eye on. Exciting stuff!
  • RWE%s's Photo

    this. is. lovely.

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    Thnx guys! Glad you like it. I think I'm getting closer to finishing it, but there is still some work in foliage and surroundings. 


    @Liampie: Thnx for the tip. I've checked and it's not from the expansions. 


    @Cocoa: I've altered the gilded dick entrance to the jungle to make it less phallic and more ballsy 


    @G Force and Ottersalad: I've changed the entrance stairs so it fits more with the entrance area.

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