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    Maybe try to be a little more selective with the placement and types of foliage. At the moment it feels just a touch random.

    Imagine you’re the groundskeeper in a real park and think about what areas could be kept neatly trimmed and what would be left to grow more wild.

    I’d go a bit more manicured closer to the main pathway where things are more accessible—especially if that’s part of the entrance. Then a little more overgrown closer to the water’s edge and maybe on some of the steeper terrain.

    A little more foliage at the base of those larger buildings could go a long way too.
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    This actually looks sick, major improvement from your first park! I'd put some kind of fence between the path and the water though.

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    Great advice by hpg ^^  


    I'd also recommend to look up some reference images of hotels/parks and try to recreate the foliage. I understand you might not want it to look too neat and fancy, but giving it some structure might help a bit. Also some thick patches of trees would help a lot as well.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. This helps me a lot. I´ve added more bushes and trees and stuff and tried a lot of different mixes. I hope this is an improvement.

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    Definitely looks much better already!  It still can't hurt to have a couple of thick patches of foliage where the large trees are really close together. I'd try to mix in a few more of those darker green trees close to eachother to give the area some more contrast.


    Nice work!

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    Its looking good so far.

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    Foliage + refined near the path because of the waterfalls, because it seems the main path, around then foliage + aggressive/wild is ok
    I really liked the building and details :)
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    Hey Guys, I'm trying to fill in the blank spaces between the rides and the other stuff (shops/hotels etc.) and I'm struggeling to find a good balance in the amount of foliage. This part is near the entrance so I don't want to overdo it with a mayor amout of jungel, but I also don't want it to have too much open space. What do you guys think about this?

    (I am going to give the main path a railing and benches/lanterns and stuff in the future)

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