Screenshot / Main Street USA - West Elevation


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    I like it, but I think more details on the roof and some peeps would do wonders for this screen. Even something as simple as some benches and trash cans would add a lot of dimension to the paths.

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    Yeah, add some scenery on the paths! And the roof... oh god. Add the rest of them and don't leave it black, it's ugly. Maybe add a little gap inbetween them and different height levels on the roof.
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    I like it a lot,myabe try to make it less one line facades, have some parts pop out of the straight line for more dimension

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    I'm no expert on Disney, but I love the scale and colors you have.  I think you could add a little more detail here and there in the architecture, but I still really like it.  Gave it 75% based on potential for me.

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    I would add some more stuff to the paths, like stalls, benches, lamps, bins and flowers to make it a little less dull. Then peeps would top it off.

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    The tree on the right side could be a little more in the middle of the path to make it look more "symetric"

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