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    Gives off major Comet vibes at Hershey, and I love it. Nice job with the railings on the inside of the station. I would throw a couple of vents on the roof to break up that black space 

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    Looking great man. Agreed with the vents on the roof. I also suggest adding some flowers as an accent. Maybe even some potted plants/flowers on the pathway as well.


    I really like the shadows under the trees.

    This will look even better once you add some peeps.

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    Every time I see one of your screens it makes me pretty happy how your style has evolved. Keep going dude, I think you're nailing this!


    Colours on the station are fantastic, that's a great combination happening. Foliage is also looking really strong.


    The bushy tree at the front of the screen seems to have grey in the tree trunk, not sure if that can be fixed.


    After that the lamp posts on the white and brown wooden decking look a bit awkward, I'm not sure if that stair section would be better as concrete overall instead of wood. Then there's a wooden beam surpassing one of your bushes, TI will sort that no issue.


    Small nitpicks because that's all there is... a very accomplished screen DH!

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    The oldest coaster at the park, American Thunder is best known for delighting generations of families with several airtime-producing bunny hills for many years. The coaster climbs almost 80 feet and reaches a top speed of 51 miles per hour during its 3,442-foot ride.

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