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    Jesus you work fast!!
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    This is so fucking good

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    Absolutely love this.


    A+ material.

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    -scoop: Ive been sick all week with nothing to do :p


    -Coasterbill: Thanks you man!


    -In:Cities: Thanks a lot man

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    Yea I'm a huge fan of this. This is the level of interaction I try to get but it never feels this natural. 

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    Thanks Matt, I appreciate it

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    Heres another angle for anyone interested

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    lovely stuff. Good splashes of color.

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    Beautiful! Love the almost cartoonish style, and the sinuous flow of the coaster :)

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    It's amazing a ride that like can be themed so well. This is high on both a macro and micro level, and it has the touch of your own style that I really like. Very excited to see this.
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    Very nice theming. Getting major Vekoma vibes from this. The color palette is very clean also. Can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

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    Crazy to see you build so quick! Love the theming, feels quite unique, and the colours are nice and varied. The coaster is very well integrated into the area as well.

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    Good improvement. Don’t like the wood catwalk under the banked curve but the rest is looking nice.

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    Edit: Accidental double

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    Really good. Love te atmosphere, colours... Everything!

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