Screenshot / #fbf: Walkman Of My Brain (2004)


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    Coaster is "Digital Love" - kinda on theme, right?


    This park is obviously quite impressive, but I really like something about this area. The stage (just off-screen to the bottom) is a neat feature.

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    Amazing park and rightfully considered among the best LL maps... love that he picked Daft Punk as a themed area. I only wish that he included some of the songs as custom music for this.

    There definitely needs to be more music themed parks though given that there's not as much conceptual stuff as there used to be.

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    I just listened to the coaster's namesake omw to work this morning.


    Why don't you play the gameeeeeee?


    Are those dingy slide tracks supposed to be spotlights? Clever, but a bit oversized!

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    Probably my least favorite area of the park- such generic period LL
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    wow i liked all :)  :D


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