Screenshot / Updated Asian-ish Spinner coaster station


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    comment below
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    Wow I love your coloring style, the building is great. I wish there was more detail on the cliff instead of just a perfectly straight wall of rock

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    call me too conventional but unless its some sort of lakers tribute structure I'm not sure I can abide by the purple yellow combo. It just is too much for me. the actual structure is pretty decent- unsold on the glass (especially black) but I like the arches throughout. use some slanted walls to do something about that exit path also

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    I'm slightly agreeing with cocoa; I do like the combo but it's a little much in RCT colors, maybe go with the softer light purple?  I've also seen the updates to this and you're definitely headed in the right direction

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    Maybe gold roofs could help? Good forms otherwise, also agreed on the cliff.
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    Cliff is the biggest issue for me.
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    Cliff not attended to yet, not researched or practiced what to do with it.

    Would I need many rows to convert it to scenery for that elevation change?

    As for colors, I can consider the very purple issue, but I'm already using what I think is the lavender with the DCL palette. The palette is locked down, but I will say that this park is intended to be colorful, so thanks (conventional) Cocoa for chiming in as usual. I will indeed look into getting the slanted paths there, just need to tweak the land likely. Thx for the bldg form comment, worked hard on that with the roof extensions last weekend.

    Keep in mind, nothing is finalized except palette, but I'm fairly happy with this.

    Any cliff advice (parks to look at) would be great. I know the one from NEDC5, and another 1 or 2 I DL but am not home to remember names...

    Thanks for the comments and help!
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    Some of your very best work recently! Crazy colours but it really works.

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    I loved the colors and the architecture :)
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    go lakers

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