Screenshot / April progress of low area


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    Cool green brick building, I want to see that tricolor flooring on the balconies too. I've always loved these pastel, tile-bordered path objects. 

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    The colours are wild! I like it a lot. The landscaping leaves some to be desired though, those are not very good looking jagged rocks. The white fence/wall pieces poking out between the two wide steps on the left are also strange and out of place.


    Keep up the weird stuff. But tighten it up where you can!

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    the plants by the waterfront are so pretty and of course the colors are perf
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    Glad to see you back Kai, great stuff. I think the use of the more pastel shades of green and purple offset the bright yellow nicely.

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    Just a blip of what I was working on before a 4-5 month hiatus. After taking a peek at H2H9 (still catching up on it), I feel like I'm even further back than before...but here's another screen of some buildings and creek/river I was working on in April before the big move.

    Feel free to comment, will likely try to finish the park but it's simplistic compared to other things of late, I know.

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