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    Really cool building, love the overhanging part over the pool.

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    Always love the freshness of your style.

  • barnNID%s's Photo

    thank you both:)

  • CoasterCreator9%s's Photo

    Unique, I think perhaps a step up from your other architecture in a scale sense.

  • MrTycoonCoaster%s's Photo
    I need to stay at this hotel (hehe)
    Very good, I liked the detail of the glasses:)
  • Xtreme97%s's Photo

    Quite liking the red/white colour combo. The pool going underneath is very nice too.

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    I like that alot! Cool mixture of objects, textures and colors. Pool extending underneath the building definitely gives it extra flair. A few comments though:
    - It does feel like you could have raised the height of each floor above the ground floor with 1 unit. Those windows look good, but since they extend so far down, they kind of highlight the lack of height between each floor. People have repeatedly pointed this out for my buildings, which have tended to be 4 or rarely 5 units high, even for larger structures, and as I've come to internalise this critique more, it has kind of ruined my ability to disregard that factor, even if a building looks super nice in general like in this case. I understand if you don't change it though, as that would be a lot of work for a building of this size, and I think I'm still more accepting than most people of 4 units as a floor height.
    - Not sure about the mix of light and dark greys on the roof. I appreciate the idea of breaking it up, but I think you've already got enough things going on on the roof to not need the different shades of gray.
    - The "open-air" entrance arches to the hotel look a bit odd, being right next to the driveway like that. It feels like it would be more realistic if you'd put glass doors/revolving doors inside of the arches.
    Nice stuff and I really like your style in general so looking forward to this!
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    Thanks for the feedback @splitsvision. I see what you are saying about the floor height. It would probably look better with 5 but idk if I have the drive to make that change. Ill most likely make changes based on the other stuff you said

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