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    Love it! The outdoors plant section is awesome. And it's cool how, for once, the vanilla 3D signs actually look pretty much exactly like the real deal.
    The only thing I can think of in terms of possible improvement is considering using another object for the planters in front of the store - since many of the other textures there look quite flat, especially the light grey tarmac on which the planters are standing, the shading on them makes them look a little out of place or even like they are floating, since there is no shading elsewhere (most notably not directly underneath the planters). It is not as noticeable for the outdoors plants section, as it is covered and has more things going on, but the planters in front of the entrance are more exposed.
    Also not sure if the roads connecting to the parking lot make any sense? If you turn left coming out from the parking lot, don't you turn straight into oncoming traffic? Perhaps that diagonal connecting road needs to be facing the other way? :)
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    Yes haha the diagonal road is the wrong direction! shit lol I'll have to change that. I'll look into planters

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    Very recognizable, could maybe include some parking lot lights or something for that extra touch.

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    Totes adorbs :3


    Lovely use of colours! I'd love to see some more taller plants/trees dotted here and there around the map edge too :)

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    Looks fantastic! It's probably a bit too tall and compact to be fully realistic, but it's great nonetheless. Love the fresh and clean aesthetic for this park.

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    Good building, nice clean look overal.


    Not much to say but I think the palette doesnt work for this, I just dont like it.

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    thanks for the feedback everyone


    -coaster creator: thats a great idea, Ill deff have to detail it more


    -ar2910: I will add some more foliage!

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    Maybe you could try adding shopping cart storage spots on the parking lot? Could be difficult to build something that looks like stacked shopping carts at the right scale, but could be a cool addition! 

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    I'm going to post one more screenshot after this one before release. Expect walley's world in about 2-3 months I'd say

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