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    I think it looks pretty great, just some of the rockwork seems maybe a lil messy? especially near the little waterfall area separating the two levels of the rapids, otherwise great stuff!

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    Looks solid overall. Maybe change the color of the monorail track along the riverbank.. or get rid of it. It kinda sticks out a bit. Definitely some Desperado vibes here. 

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    someone has studied gee_whzz's screenshots well

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    Man this is absolutely fantastic!

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    The mountain kinda reminds me of Dragon Mountain at Marine Land Ontario. Looks good man

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    Other than being insanely similar to the top rated screenshot of all time, not bad.

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    Man, you have some real skill, even if this is pretty heavily inspired by Gee's screen.  Just got to keep working at it and improving, especially in your color choice and "macro" thinking (probably the weakest parts of this so far).  It's frustrating to me because its close to being really good but just misses a few key things.

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    I liked the ride in the waters, it is cool, the scenery was good
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    Don't call this 'meh', this is great! 

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