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    ONLY at Baker Mtn.
    Those redwood tree trunks have a pretty jarring texture!


    Love the funky path layout.

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    Love the swinger, that adds a great kinetic energy to that area. Can't say I like the support colors on the invert.

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    Very cool. Not completely sold on the path tbh but the swinger is really nice.
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    Probably the best swinger I've seen attempted,  the use of side friction for trim is well done.  With 2 custom flats and 2 coasters this screen is DENSE.

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    it's weird because there's a lot of elements I don't care for, but I still love the screen.. I'd try to drop the land under the invert beneath the turn so you don't have strange short supports; also these tree colors aren't the default and I'm thinking at least a mix of both would benefit this.  I'm not completely sold on the path beneath the swinger.

    But, somehow I sort of love this.

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    It's very good, maybe a tad too clinical.

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    yeah pathing is one of the weaker parts of my park making tbh; I definitely should try to vary it a bit as well as add details/patterns in some places.

    tree colors are a good point; steve gave me a quick rundown on how to properly color the trees so I gotta go through and do that still

    @dirt that is exactly how I want this park to be taken :) janky elements but with a uniting composition

    thanks y’all! more otw soon

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