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    this fucker builds better in diags then i ever have conventionally

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    i love that little alleyway going down the center. nice mystery

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    So nice! Diagonals are very hard to do, and you did it really well.

    But be carefull not making any details too repetitive, like the windows/doors on the two most right buildings.

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    Textures, diagonals and building off the grid. Amazing stuff.

    Not sure on the purple awning colour against the white building?
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    Absolutely brilliant stuff. 

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    Incredible level of detail. Feels somewhat trippy due to the isometric nature of rct but the small inlet really helps balance the screen.

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    Can't wait to see this come alive with movement in game. Hope it doesn't glitch too bad though.

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    some fun shapes

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    What the...
    Although I also wonder about the glitches at the moment...
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    It's like a European Port of Entry, only cleaner. No words how good this is.

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    This project is lovely and im very excited to see the future of this!
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    Great work. The diagonals are really inspirational. I wonder if the end product will come alive in game despite the lack of actual rides. I hope so.


    Cool that you use Valencian Spanish for your screens instead of regular Spanish. Great detail.

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    This is awesome! Incredible job on the diagonals - some people expressed worry about them for some reason when seeing this project would feature them heavily, but I never doubted you'd pull it off in a great way. I hope this inspires people - Dare to Diagonal!


    I dig all of the details, above all I think the way you stacked those dome objects to make round towers is neat. Can't wait to open this in game and flip the view around to really get the sense of it. How big will this cityscape be? And will it be a pure cityscape or will it contain park elements as well?

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    This really speaks to me because I love Valencia a lot. You're nailing the atmosphere of the city. Really cant wait to check this out.

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    Thanks for all the nice comments guys.


    @Splitvision: As of now it really planned as non-park. I can't think of any way to put park elements into there in a senseful way. The cityscape is planned to be a few blocks, something around 10 I'd say. I'm taking inspiration mainly from the area around the plaza de ayuntamiento of the original city and am applying some creative freedom to squeeze it a little more. I'm also planning to add a part of the riverbed surrounding the city, although that won't be really accurate as the the river goes around the old city and not the 1900's expansion of the city.

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    Cool, then I really look forward to seeing a release that is fully focused on creating a realistic and atmospheric cityscape! Are you adding in interiors as well? I guess for so many apartments it can be tedious, but perhaps for restaurants and other establishments? I've recently found it more and more enjoyable (and prudent) to do interiors, and I do it to some extent for almost all buildings, even if the viewer might never go for the cutaway views. Also known as gross map data mismanagement lol. But a lot of cool things can be done with interiors and if this project will have it (to some degree) I think it will bring it up yet another notch :)

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    haha very crazy, I loved it very much :):D

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