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    I don't like the bright tan trunks on the small cedar trees but obviously this is fantastic stuff. Looking forward to seeing a different angle next time lol.
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    I dig it, great looking coaster here, but the surroundings maybe go too much along the contour of the layout, especially the right half. The diagonal section of road is excellent here to alleviate that, but I think you should try some variation elsewhere, especially the right half of the screen.


    Supports are sick, I'm partial to using all one support style but not a huge issue for me

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    The coaster and supports are epic, so in that sense I think this is a great screen. For me, it just seems a waste to have this epic and carefully detailed work floating on top of backlot that almost seems like noise. Like, if this was even just over some wonderful and interactive landscaping, that'd be an improvement in terms of composition. But I get that isn't the realism-based look you're going for, and it's pretty flawless otherwise.

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    Supports quite literally supporting my high score for this photo. That coaster is tasty. Car park not the best backdrop but it screams realism to me.

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    I agree with dirt and FK. Great coaster but the surroundings are dead.


    I like that office block too, by the way. Nice colours.

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    I echo the others. The coaster is awesome, but the surroundings could use work.

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    Solid support work. Thing looks gargantuan.

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    Thanks for the comments everyone.  Definitely will be working on the surroundings to bring them up to the quality I want!

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