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    Not a huge fan of the curved wall in the retro setting, otherwise fantastic stuff

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    Very sexy.

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    One Veteris is more than enough

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    "retro setting"? Anywho I love it except for the blue rails on the coaster.

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    Unsure if the quarter block details are really necessary, they don't seem like an extension of the actual architecture, just superimposed floating pieces as attempted interest. 

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    Loving the forms and the theme. The height variation of the architecture is also so really well integrated with the surroundings, great stuff. I think some textural changes would help as some of the walls do seem a bit flat. Maybe adding wood accents and roof / terrace details and foliage will help. As will getting rid of the black rooftops, go with a textured neutral path.
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    c o u r t y a r d

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    spiritual successor to mc escher maybe

    I like this sort of loose aesthetics-forward approach.  

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    hot. I'd suggest changing the black roove of the curved bit and the one next to it to terrace/grass/gardens of some kind. The way they are embedded into the land and attached to steps and doorways already reads more as 'floor' than 'roof' if you know what I mean.

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    Alex makes a good point. I think the black roofs are also a remnant of your usual realism approach that you may want to find an alternative for.

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