Screenshot / Metropolitan Cathedral - Nativity of Our Lord


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    comment below
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    its great to see you're still improving, good to see new work from you DH

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    The cathedral looks good, everything around is just a bit bare. I wish the cathedral was much bigger.

  • ottersalad%s's Photo

    Great use of the abstract object

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    Really nice structure, and the abstract thing is cool aswell as otter said. Next time add some more life to the paths! Some trees, planters, benches, lights etc do wonders for atmosphere
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    A striking change of proportion. The storeys should be higher, so the whole structure should be more slender. Just like in the original.

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    Thanks for the comments guys. Definitely a confidence boost with my archy which is one of my weak spots.

    Ssammy; thank you. Especially since that kind of rushed at the end.

    MK98: thanks. This isnt the actual cathedral but I believe a chapel. I agree now looking at it that is a bit stubby. I probably should have extended the upper levels a bit more.

    Ottersalad: thanks. When i get home i'll have to post a pic of what I was going for.

    WhosLeon: I agree that I could have added more detail to the paths but it was kind of rushed at the end.

    Battle boy: thanks. Also see comments for MK.

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