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    bold colors everywhere!  Interesting hack up into the figure eight and the curved walkway at the bottom makes me want to see more.  Neat inclusion of the lighting.

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    lets see this glass building you're teasing

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    Wow dude, this is fantastic!

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    Love the direction this is heading, and the shock of white amongst the warm fall colors is great. The coaster supports are a bit messy for me, but I know that's kinda the deal with the way Cheetah Hunt looks.


    As someone who spent a lot of time obsessing over falling leaves, I'd recommend adding more layers (1k nets and the mk plant work best) to capture the feeling they are landing on top of everything below, including the underbrush. I found that having some balance of aging green trees helped balance everything out, but I think you're aiming for a more technicolor autumn which I really like.

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    A bit unrefined, but cool ideas nonetheless.
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    Love the colors, exept for the pink train... That's just off...
    Magnificent support structure!

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    Thanks everyone for the feed back! Appreciate all the criticisms. Still kind of tinkering with some things. Here's another angle of the top hat with some changes to the plaza.

    Attached Image: redo.jpg

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    liking the look of those greenhouses

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    that's quite cRounchy! I love it!
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    Loving the little lights, also i agree about the colors, they are pretty cool.

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    The glass palace is incredible! Really looking forward to seeing this finished.


    Suggestion: change the direction of the path tiles. I think that in most cases, the direction of the pattern should be perpendicular to the direction of the path.

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