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    Looking good! Lovely colors on the foliage.

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    Love how the monorail curves just guide your eyes up towards the approaching winter.

    That cabin looks so cozy and warm in contrast to the cold winter so close behind it. 

    It just feels like this screen is so alive and vibrant even without any coaster, rides, or peeps. You've done a great job with a creative concept and a breathtaking execution here. Well done, and looking forward to the release.

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    when i saw this thumbnail i was just like "there is NOT a fifth season"


    great screen though. excited to see how transitions are handled elsewhere on the map

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    fantastic diorama work

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    love you

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    also, that one orange tree behind the building looks like a cheeto

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    I like the effect but the monorails feel a bit close to me?  I get what it's trying to do and it kinda does that and kinda is too close.

    lol, cheetos.

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    Kinda agree with kai about spacing. The chimney is nice but I think the hp object chimney looks better and more in scale with the building
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    Gorgeous work

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    gee! I loved the foliage

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    Super excited to see this in action and what it's all about.

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