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    HUGE improvement in every screen. Very cool to see.

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    Seriously a work of art. Excellent work and fantastic improvements. Even though I think all of the first versions are also great!

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    Sooo glad you changed the tent. Seriously one of my favorite parts its illustrated incredibly well.
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    I enjoy it so much to see this
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    Very cool to see you show how the park evolved. The tent improved immensely! Would love to see more outtakes and overhauls posted on the site like this.
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    Some glow ups from Seasons, showing early concepts on the left and the final outcomes on the right. Included are
    -The circus tent in Autumn, which CedarPoint6 and I discussed in his review of the park. This was one of the final changes made in the last week before submitting the park
    -The bumper cars in Spring, which I did a few overhauls on with inthemanual's feedback
    -Some very early facades in Summer, built during H2H8 by myself and MK98. These were later redone to fit a more Portofino-style that would become the base for that area.

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