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    Ok, nin
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    I dig it! Kind of weird seeing evergreen trees in this futuristic type setting though. Nice work! Looking forward to seeing it with peeps

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    Nice job, don't be afraid of using weirder building shapes and materials.
  • ottersalad%s's Photo
    Futuristic wood trim
  • Ge-Ride%s's Photo

    No offense, but it doesn't look very futuristic to me, just sort of NASA-ish.

  • RaunchyRussell%s's Photo

    Futuristic? Maybe. Nonetheless this looks super nice! Like Ge said, "NASA-like".

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    That's a neat little chonky rocket you got there. I like it, the salmon path is a great choice. Would like to see more from this!

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    Those entrance signs are a perfect dash of color. It reminds me a little of the new EPCOT design-style (black/white with some bright colored diagonal stripes). I agree that the salmon colored pathway is a great choice. The rocket looks nice too. I think the buildingshapes could use a little more oomphf. I think I saw some screenshots from a Disney-space project that nailed the modern NASA/future vibe on the buildings. So maybe you could check those out for some inspiration. The standard streetlights don't work for me at all in this screen, I think you could find or assemble a better object for those. 

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    Nice colors, great job

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    Much better than the screen you've shown on discord earlier! All thanks to my feedback, of course. ;) But really, great job man. I'm digging the desaturated look with splashes of bright colours. The trims with primary colours are a nice motif I'd like to see more of, maybe at the expense of the greens that seem like the odd ones out.


    I'm also thinking the rocket has had a few too many pizzas, it's more likely to create a sinkhole rather than a lift-off. I think you can come up with a more elegant skinny design, and while you're at it maybe it's a good idea to give it a proper launch platform instead of a local pine forest - although launching a rocket from the woods is actually a great way to burn calories.


    Looking forward to seeing more! Great progress.

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    I'm liking the pathwork a lot, and the pops of colour from the towers are very well placed. Going monochrome for the buildings is definitely a bold choice, but it does allow the focal points of the area to stand out more.

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    thanks for the feedback everyone, I have a notepad full of stuff to change based on your  ideas.

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    Something just feels... off, Like everything is so hard-outlined by either path, fencing, or buildings that it feels disharmonious.

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