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    Great stuff. About time we get a proper "summer" park.

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    Very sweet. Never get tired of this warm and happy style of yours. Also your shapes of both architecture and path are becoming more roundish and nuanced now which is nice. 

  • AJ-%s's Photo

    Super cool. I really like the curves in the balcony and paths. The mini golf in the corner also looks super cute!

  • SSSammy%s's Photo

    fantastic to see you improving so much, keep up the great work

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    Wow, that fa├žade with the waterfall is super cool. 

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    wow, it was great  :)

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    love this

  • Jene%s's Photo

    Great stuff. Such a cool idea with the waterfall and the curved terrace 

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    What a wonderful atmosphere you've built here! Everything looks great. I love what I can see of the mini golf course.

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    I like the deco trim for the shrubberries and the window shade treatment.  I think the food stall you've got here is big enough that it could use a little more definition than just the "ketchup/mustard" post trick - a menu signboard or a cooler or something wouldn't be out of place.

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    Absolutely great. Love your work always

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    Love how vibrant this is. That path pattern in the bottom is such a nice detail

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    Never seen kegs of ketchup and mustard at a theme park.

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