Screenshot / Time to roll the dice in Gold Rush Gulch!


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    Between the mix of cacti and mushrooms, the wide rock collection in clearly unnatural arrangements, and mustard coloured grass on muddy underground, I think this area looks quite messy. The architecture is messy too but it's more easily excuses and the buildings are united in their messiness. I'll say this is quite an original theme, though. Hard to deny that.

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    Like I give a shit? I’m not changing it, it stays with the original theming I planned to make in this area. Indian casino theme in central Montana. You will never dictate what I can and can’t build because this is my little world with my own rules. Don’t like it? Too bad, it’s not changing whether you think it’s messy or not. ??
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    You don't have to change anything, just giving my opinion. Do with it what you want.

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    Hahahaha, over reaction much? :D You are free to build what you want bud. Fellow rct players give little suggestions, but you can pick and choose what you want to do with your own projects. Just keep having fun, that's what this game is all about.

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    Took me a whole week of being snowed in, stuck in my house to build this. Building a few buildings in a day, adding a few more things in. It looks good to me and the aerial view of the park and it was very tedious building it.

    The thing I don’t get is, when I build the buildings close together, there’s not enough room to breathe but when I try and space out my buildings and add breathing room, I’m told it’s messy. Either no room to breathe or too messy. So make up your goddamned mind or say nothing at all.

    I build what I build because of WHAT I WANT not what anyone else dictates. Okay? K.
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    Reading back my comment the positive things I found are definitely not worded as clearly. I appreciate the theme and I like the aesthetic of the architecture. It's the landscaping that I think holds this back from being better. It's also fine if you're not looking for any feedback at all and clearly I misjudged what you're looking for. Happy to just enjoy the good bits from now on and keep the negative feedback to myself.

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    Looks pretty cool. I really like the cinema. You do have quite a unique style. Not sure the reaction to the comments before were appropriate to the criticism given. I think the critique is only minor and only aimed at helping you improve. This is definitely a very interesting style and I think more vibrant even than say Mustang Island.

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    This is a strange style but there is something about this that I like.


    You should listen to feedback though, that is how you get better in the end. Nobody here is giving feedback just to be mean.

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    Zany, but pretty cool to explore.  I like the balloon building.

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    Like I give a shit? I’m not changing it, it stays




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    My apologies for all that, cabin fever triggered is an actual thing, nothing on anyone, I appreciate the feedback. I've just been trying to experiment with these parks im working on, add some new terrains and environments, not perfect i know but i have my specific plans for my areas and my parks and overall vibes. I just push it as far as my imagination will let me.

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    I liked this colorful adn the buildings, nice work :)

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