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    This is amazing, Zis! Really nice. I really love the building with the solar panels on it and the white one with the blue awning.


    I think that the 2 big buildings in the middle can use some more details, some balconies or random hanging planters. Maybe you can also add some more chimneys on the roofs

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    Have seen this a million times now, but still manages to blow my mind.

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    Looks great, beige building in the middle stands out a bit. I'd either use a different texture or add some details.

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    Should've been in Grand Tour. Nice work.

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    Hell yeah love seeing more of this. Good to see you back Zisc

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    Thanks a lot guys! I'm hoping the simpler big buildings will make sense in context of the whole map, because a majority of areas are very dense and detailed. I'll try experimenting to find a balance.


    Hit many firsts with this section, like big purpose buildings that aren't small hotels/restaurants/cafes; roads; etc. Still struggling to make things look natural, but hoping it'll get there. Or at least close enough to there.

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