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    on the left roof is a fish? It was very good, I liked it.
    I actually enjoyed everything, especially the little house on the water, it got a charm and the stakes in white and red created a good contrast with the scenery.
    The details under the water look good on me.
    Gee! It is very detail, but certainly nice :)
  • FredD%s's Photo

    Wonderful stuff, so atmpospheric, so much vibes.

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    Really brought my attention to some obscure objects and how to use them effectively. The cart and tables particularly stick out.

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    Amazing zisc, very atmospheric.

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    Quite impressive, just almost too much of a theme than a park.
  • WhosLeon%s's Photo

    Soooo gooooooood

  • dr dirt%s's Photo

    having the touches of modern really made this one. awesome.

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    Reminiscent of Luang Prabang. Good job. Especially the subtle elevations, the path choices and architecture in general are very well done and exactly like the real place.

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    Luang Prabang was the only reference we used so I'm incredibly happy to hear that Sulakke!


    It was a lot of fun building this and yes I agree posix, but that's how I like my RCT :p More than anything else, glad cocoa had the same idea for this area.


    Thanks for the comments, really appreciate them :)

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