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    this is incredible.

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    i think you did a great job merging traditional japanese forms into modern ones and then adding the surreal, whimsical touch that we were going for. strangelove's biggest steal maybe?

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    crumbled bridge is great.  Are we up to a half-dozen bathhouses on NE now?

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    Continuing the conversation cocoa started with the other screenshot, this time showing the other side of the story a bit.

    Cocoa work here is the bathhouse and the lower left corner stuff, except the grey roof.

    Nothing ground-breaking, and I do feel I trapped myself in that generic Asian vibe a bit. The cyberpunk stuff (which I didn't work on) certainly is the highlight for me. Also the one more finished!

    At the time I was proud of the upper left corner building, though. Based on something that I remember has been attempted before by other members of NE.

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