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    real anakin vs obi-wan on mustafar vibes with all the rock and lava, aside from that, supportwork is very cool, i'm not a fan of checkered paths but i'll forgive it else the pallete is quite dark - cool stuff!

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    That structure in the air looks amazing!

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    dang! This park is starting to look super good!

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    I rescind my prior posted doubts about the palette. This is awesome, such a cool setting.

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    Obsidian is a an RMC coaster that I have added to my post apocalyptic park for the DKMP timeline park contest. It replaces a previous wooden coaster that burnt down within the story of the park. I think this is a worth successor to the previous coaster, due to the size it is kinda awkward to fit the path in a good way to it does get pushed against the map edge

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