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    Very striking. I dig it.

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    Really love this, and the way the island feels tethered to the mainland. Awesome structural work.

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    This island feels like it could be a strong micro park on its own! I like how the coaster weaves in and out there.

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    This is part of a new expansion consisting of two islands and a coaster to try and make the large volcano that centres this map feel less empty. The Ferris wheel has a hole in the centre of it so the coaster can pass through it so supporting the ferris wheel was kinda annoying and im still not 100% with the supports on it. Other than that there is part of Krakotoa on the island its mainly just some turns with lots of different types of supports holding it up. The challenge with the supports is setting them up so they don't touch the lava you can see this with the lift hill which goes to the edge of the volcano. There is a rope bridge that connects the islands together which came out quite nicely as well.

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