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    I don't know what to think. I like and dislike it at the same time. The plain landscaping stands out against the rest and sort of throws me for a loop. I get the feeling that it's like watching a fire burn, that I'd have to see it in game and watch the coasters in action to truly appreciate it just like I wouldn't appreciate a fire just by looking at a static picture of it.

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    A bit too chaotic for my taste

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    You definitely nailed the whole post apocalyptic 'scavenged from scrap metal and old buildings' look here. The supports and ride type definitely add to the theme here as well.

    I like the chaos and clutter as honestly it give a vague, almost steampunk 'mining town' feel, like the beginning of castle in the sky.

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    I love the eurofighter lifthill! Looks like a mashup between an Intamin Accelerator and Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster.

    Your work reminds me a lot of the LL parks with jagged rocks from '02. A bit random and messy, but with extremely creative ideas! I also liked your 'hanging' Huss Condor. This park looks fun as hell!

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    Vulken and Vanguard are a large pair of duelling Gerstlauer coasters that occupy the back corner of the park. I kept the same colours and trains on both tracks cause when I did the different colours it looked to messy and the same with the trains. The challenge with these layouts is that the stations are facing in opposite directions and one starts with a launch and one starts with a lift hill then they swap.

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