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    Once again I am thoroughly smitten. Perfect blend of technical and readable NCSO which almost reaches alex levels. The custom palette really pops (especially that green) and that RCT1 trick with the abstract minigolf stations for the gift shop windows looks amazing here. Cannot wait for this release!

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    Christmas? Already??

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    I'm a little torn on the virginia reel for the cars. Seems like an odd or unnecessary choice... Liking the rest so far though.

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    You've set a stage here in the center of 'Christmas Curve' for a Santa Clause entertainer, Christmas tree, etc... but right now it's just a tent and some treasure chests! Needs more of a centerpiece right there, whatever you see fit.


    Otherwise, I'm glad to see Allen M. is having fun. Try swapping out those top two abstract stations, in favor of the spherical geometric glass objects? For a touch of funk.


    The awning on far left side (in this screen) seems to have a strangely rotated track object. Stands out from the rest. Not sure if display glitch?


    Cool awning on that lil corner building in center of screen.


    Palette is pleasant!



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