Screenshot / A rainy day in Babar-sur-Seine


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    Yeah, I can dig this.

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    I love it. I have no clue how you did all of the reflections and mist, but it truly results in an amazing vibe.
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    Amazing screen! The real Paris. Only nitpick are those bulky white poles in the centre of the screen. Maybe make those a little more thin/subtle. 

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    the mist is photoshop right?

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    the mist is photoshop right?



    Yes! I wanted to convey the "Paris" mood

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    I wouldnt wonder when you have a blue name soon. This is insanely good.

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    wow dude this is so great! Love the post processing haha.


    One of NE's fastest rising stars no doubt!

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    That's hoth 

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    Wowee I love this

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    That's the ground level life i was talking about the other day! Awesome stuff

    Only thing I could nit pick about: when you use transparent windows it also nice to theme your building also on the inside so that it doesnt look hollow and dead inside!
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    Greetings from Pigalle 

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    Wow, pretty impressive. So many good details, and good post-processing for once. Very enjoyable screen, well done.

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    gee! very good, must have been a lot of work, it was 10

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