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    Looks really cool! Maybe remove one or two sets of tables and/or umbrellas to give the terrace some breathing space. 

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    Really quite nice. I would agree with Faas here, a few less umbellas would make it look better.


    Really interesting though, looking forward to seeing where this goes.


    Oh, and if you happen to be trav, as I suspect you are, then please respond to the PM I have sent you ASAP.

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    There's a ton of old users though, it could be anybody!

    But i guess i just don't recognize his style only being filly active on here for almost a year
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    What do you think of the screen?

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    I think it looks cool, the building is build into the cliffside really well and i love the terrace going into a cave. It could use some more foliage though, i don't really like the dirt being exposed like that, or change some of them to the rock texture.
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    I don't know if I like the color of those 1k rocks. Besides that I love everything in this screen. Nice work!

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    I think the umbrellas should be cut to two colors. The whole "embedded in the hill" thing is done pretty well too.


    Unless this guy was just a lurker of olde, why wouldn't he just use his old account?

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    I really like the way the hillside on the left cuts into the pathway.  it's a nice and natural touch.

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